The Birth of a Vision

From an early age, Delphine Grenzinger weaves her destiny in threads of gold through creation. With an innate artistic sensibility, she begins crafting body jewelry, fulfilling a personal quest for expression and elegance. Her creations, marked by their uniqueness and refinement, quickly garner admiration within her close circle, laying the groundwork for a brand destined for greatness.

Absainte Paris: A Legacy of Creativity

2013 marks the realization of a passion: Absainte Paris is born, embodying a perfect blend of artistic desire and artisanal excellence. Delphine commits to dressing women in an aura of confidence and beauty, offering them pieces that celebrate their inner strength and outer delicacy.

The Inspiration Behind the Name

Delphine’s quest for a name that would encapsulate her artistic vision leads her to SHIBARI, the ancient Japanese art of binding. Absainte, a clever play on words, evokes the intrinsic duality of the feminine nature - strength and delicacy, freedom and connection. The name pays homage to the captivating spirit of Absinthe, a forbidden spirit for its enchanting nature, reflecting the seductive power of each creation.

Unmatched Craftsmanship

Delphine’s expertise is forged in the workshops of a master tailor, where she absorbs the techniques of French haute couture. This background, combined with an unceasing quest for knowledge and innovation, allows her to sculpt jewelry that is more than mere accessories - they are extensions of the wearer’s soul.

The Essence of Our Brand

At Absainte Paris, each piece of jewelry is a celebration of luxury, craftsmanship, and quality. Our materials, carefully selected for their excellence, are assembled with meticulous precision. Each crystal, each precious stone, is chosen for its ability to capture and reflect the inner light of its wearer.