All Absainte ornaments are entrusted to the best craftsmen gilders of Paris. All metal parts are gilded with 24 carat gold (buckles, rings, chains, rivets ...)

"Golden with fine gold" means that the gold layer is less than 3 microns, so it's best not to put them in water.

The ornaments are delivered in an organza pouch and / or a precious casket. We advise you to use it to store them individually.

To prevent the strings s' tangled, we strongly advise you to close all the hooks before putting them in their caskets.

To keep your Absainte ornaments, we recommend:

- Protect from scratches

- Keep them individually to dry in their cases

- Avoid contact with water

- Avoid contact with perfumes or cosmetics

- Do not use cleaners or solvents

- Do not wear your jewelry when you engage in physical activity

- Do not keep it to sleep.

The ornaments are normally skate with time. If you want to revive the splendor of it, we recommend using a soft wet cloth, without product and rub gently.

Concerning the elastic, you can clean it by hand with soapy water, taking care to remove all the chains beforehand.

Depending on the acidity of the skin, it is possible that the gilding of jewel deteriorates more or less quickly.

If you want to do it again basking by us, please contact us at:, then we will prepare a quote based on the ornament to brown.

All Absainte ornaments are made elaborately by hand in our workshop. These are delicate pieces. We therefore recommend an appropriate use them.