Absainte Paris no longer wishes to integrate SWAROVSKI crystals into its collections for ethical and qualitative reasons

Of completely equivalent quality, PRECIOSA authorizes creators to communicate about their brand unlike SWAROVSKI

Quality is essential for us, but it seems equally important to us to communicate the origin of our materials to our customers, hence this decision.

Therefore, from January 1, 2024, all our jewelry is adorned with PRECIOSA crystals, cultured pearls and quality semi-precious stones.

We have chosen to adorn our jewelry and accessories with PRECIOSA crystals, recognized worldwide for their quality as well as for their manufacturing offering more than 470 years of tradition of crystal working.
Their faceting has been improved over the centuries, giving their crystals an unrivaled shine.
Preciosa continues uninterruptedly the glassmaking tradition that began in Crystal Valley when the first furnace was lit in 1548 and develops it with the most modern techniques and processes

(Photo Preciosa)